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The culmination of the WAABEL artist residency is our annual exhibition, Journey to Self.

WAABEL guides our artists in a reimagining of the traditional exhibition model to focus beyond outcomes and embrace process, reflection, storytelling, and their intersection with our individual and collective identities. 

Artists work in community as they strategically and thoughtfully vision, plan, and execute this unique showcase. The WAABEL signature is demonstrated in strategic layers, combining a fine art showcase with the behind-the-scenes, business-side planning of a group exhibition including developing relationships with venues, designing outreach strategies, executing a marketing plan, and producing original pieces that connect to their career, brand, and long-term artistic goals. Our approach is evolving, allowing curation & execution to align with the unique vision of every cohort, each year.

Journey to Self occurs annually in the Fall.

WAABEL Annual Exhibition: Programs

December 2023

WAABEL Annual Exhibition: Welcome
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