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The culmination of the WAABEL Artists-In-Residence is our annual exhibition, Journey to Self. WAABEL's distinct focus on the business-side of the arts has allowed us to reimagine the traditional exhibition model. While traditional creative exhibitions focus primarily on the endpoints of the artistic process (paintings, sculpture, costume, etc.), we have designed an exhibition model that embraces process, entrepreneurship and its intersection with the arts. 

Each of our artists receives guidance and support as they strategically and thoughtfully vision, plan, and execute a unique showcase rooted in community and combining elements that connect and create synergy with our cohort of artists nationwide. 

The WAABEL signature is demonstrated in strategic layers, combining a fine art showcase with the behind-the-scenes, business-side planning of a solo exhibition. Our artists are guided in the process as they drive forward their unique vision, develop relationships with venues, create outreach strategies, execute a marketing plan, and produce original pieces that connect to their business and brand. We also engage in long-term strategic visioning that connects each showcase with bigger picture career goals and purpose.

Journey to Self occurs annually in November. 

WAABEL Annual Exhibition: Programs
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