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As a holistic artist, Robin explores creative expression as a pathway for nurturing partnerships between people and the planet.  Meditation and sensorial orientation to Nature guide her inquiry into the synergy between the fine arts and healing arts.  As a cultivator of collaborative environments, she fosters reciprocity between ecology and creativity.  She roots her research in deep listening and vast witnessing, observing authentic connections as they shape ecosystem wholeness.

Robin’s contemplative ecoarts practice involves honoring organic sources of inspiration through poems, rituals, and mixed media visual art.  She celebrates seeds, herbs, and leaves with writing, movement, painting, printmaking, and photography.  She is a Terminus artist within Olympic National Park, the founding curator of an international multimedia newsletter named roots, wings & wonder, and the co-author of peer-reviewed research on the value of patient-initiated storytelling in hospital settings.  Her poems have appeared in dozens of literary journals, and in 2014, Charing Cross Press published her first book, a poetry collection called the Sound of Seeds.   

As an interdisciplinary MFA candidate, Robin draws upon diverse academic fields ranging from queer mycology to progressive pedagogy.  Her professional certifications in reflexology, hatha yoga, Japanese Reiki, and vibrational sound therapy also inform her commitment to infusing her career with compassionate communication and her creative process with wonder.  Within WAABEL, Robin co-creates contemplative opportunities for writers and artists to embody their goals and visions.

Robin Goldberg: Welcome
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