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exploring the contemporary intersections of creative practice, career, and everyday life

Editors' Note: Our annual magazine emerged from a shared dream for a space that combines a greenhouse with a library. As writers rather than architects, we wondered, could we build with words? Without walls to limit our vision, could we invite everyone to explore this warm and stimulating environment? Tilt celebrates natural cycles as well as expansive ideas. The title conveys the complementary nature of WAABEL’s grounding and ground-breaking qualities. Amidst uncertainty, we value balance and motion equally.

On both individual and collective levels, growing involves wobbling. Tilting intentionally prepares us to navigate unexpected waves. It reminds us that we can lean forward, backward, to one side, or the other in response to the wind. We can stretch along angles and diagonals, testing different directions until we find one that supports our needs and goals in the moment. There is never just one way to orient to change. In the continual quest for balance, tilting allows us to shift and adjust in boundless ways. Its adaptogenic motion nurtures interlocking ecosystems. The Arts & Culture sector, for instance, is nested within local and global ecosystems shaped by social, racial, political, colonial, economic, and environmental factors. It is composed of artists, entrepreneurs, audiences, and the people, pets, and house plants that influence their daily lives.

The WAABEL community sees relationality as a key to the creation, communication, and reception of artistic work. Through curiosity, courage, and collaboration, our ecosystem seeks to tilt the Arts & Culture sphere in more accessible, ethical, and sustainable directions.

We hope that when you engage with the magazine, you will pause, tilt your head, and ponder the possibilities presented by our creative contributors. Whether you agree, disagree, or simply feel intrigued by what you see, we hope that it prompts thoughtful considerations and inspiring conversations.

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